VitalConnect: Driving a Paradigm Shift in Healthcare through Innovative Solutions

Vital Connect

Dr. Nersi Nazari, Founder, VitalConnect The healthcare industry is undergoing monumental changes with the advancement of technology. These advancements not only contribute to healthcare organizations’ success but also forge a path towards better patient out comes and the comprehensive well-being of society. Realizing this, many prominent companies across the globe have been leveraging technology and […]

Transaction Data Systems: An Innovative Leader in Independent Pharmacy Services and Solutions

Transcation data systems

Kevin Lathrop, President, Transaction Data Systems Over the years, the role of pharmacists has evolved significantly along with the health care needs of the people. Today, pharmacists are taking a larger role as medical counselors and educators rather than being confined only to dispensing medications. As their role continues to expand, they need to be […]

STChealth: Committed To Eradicating Vaccine-Preventable Disease with Innovative Technology and Services


Mike Popovich, CEO, STChealth According to the CDC, around 56,000 deaths occur from the flu or flu-like illness and 60,700 deaths occur from whooping cough each year. The outbreak of such preventable diseases like flu, measles, mumps,and whooping cough is a harsh reminder that these ailments can be controlled but have not been eradicated. But […]

TotalABA: Powerful Software Supporting the Behavioral Health Industry

Larry Morgan, CEO, TotalABA Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapists and clinics face many challenges helping children and adults with autism spectrum disorders. ABA therapists strive to give their time, energy, and attention to those they serve; however, the strenuous paperwork, challenging schedules, and demanding preparation can hamper their ability to do their job most efficiently. […]

Staff Bridge: Bridging the Gap in the Healthcare Staffing Space Through Innovative Solutions

Kendra Hunter, President, Staff Bridge Recruiting highly qualified clinical staff is one of the most critical challenges faced by healthcare organizations. While some healthcare facilities may successfully identify and hire clinical talent, retaining those valuable employees becomes an uphill battle for them. Despite their best efforts, they often fail to keep up with the demand […]

Standvast Healthcare Fulfillment: Improving Healthcare through Technology Enabled Supply Chain Solutions


Cayce Roy, CEO & Co-Founder, Standvast Healthcare Fulfillment The healthcare supply chain has been lagging behind other industries when it comes to innovation. Even today, most of the existing supply chain solution suppliers still rely on decades-old, reactive, siloed approaches that limit data to effectively manage an overly complex model of healthcare. They still look […]

LivingMatrix:Empowering Practitioners to Effectively Address Chronic Conditions through a Personalized Approach


Priya Kamani, Founder and CEO, LivingMatrix Chronic diseases have long been the leading cause of reduced quality of life,long-term disability, and death. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), globally, more than 70 % of deaths are caused due to chronic illness. But despite the prevalence and seriousness of the situation, our healthcare […]

Ecteon:Empowering Healthcare Organizations to Manage the Complexity of the Complete Contract Lifecycle


Richard Eckerstrom, CEO, Ecteon Contracts are an essential part of business operations in all industries and healthcare is no exception.However, healthcare-related contracts are becoming increasingly complex to create and manage throughout the contract lifecycle.With challenges growing in the form of increased regulatory requirements, growing healthcare treatment options, and rising drug trial and insurance costs, it […]

Conversa Health: Healthcare’s Visionary Automated Virtual Care and Communications Company


Murray Brozinsky, CEO, Conversa Health Now is the time for healthcare to move from being a reactive, episodic industry to one that is continuous, consumer relationship-oriented, and always on. As the industry still navigates regulation, new technologies, reimbursement models, and more, healthcare organizations must realize that being proactive becomes the bare minimum. Unfortunately, the industry’s […]

Brandify: Elevating Healthcare with Proficient Patient-Centered Digital Marketing Strategies


Manish Patel, Founder & CEO, Brandify Today, healthcare consumers are becoming more and more health-conscious as well as digitally aware. They are doing extensive research online for symptoms of their ailments and medical conditions even before visiting hospitals. In fact, according to Pew Research, 47% of Internet users search for information about hospitals or health […]