Andreas Hettich GmbH & CO KG: A Centennial Global Leader in the Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing Landscape

Andreas Hettich GmbH

Klaus-Günter Eberle & Kristina Eberle , CEO, Andreas Hettich GmbH & CO KG Centrifuges are critical pieces of equipment for laboratories as centrifugation and centrifuge maintenance are crucial for testing. They are considered to be a significant investment since inadequate instruments can affect the test results adversely. Thus, the demand for high-quality centrifuges is high. […]

Centre for Digestive Diseases: On A Mission to Provide Patients with the Best Possible Care


Professor Thomas Borody, Medical Director & CDD Founder, Centre for Digestive Diseases Digestive disorders are debilitating,costly and increasingly on the rise around the world. In fact, according to a worldwide study conducted by the University of Gothenburg scientists, four out often adults, suffer from functional gastrointestinal disorders of varying severity. With the prevalence of many digestive disorders […]

MoveFree Physiotherapy: Empowering Recovery through a Holistic and Empathetic Approach

MoveFree Physiotherapy

Anand Sivayogam & Lee Char Ling, Directors, MoveFree Physiotherapy Recovering from a major accident, or reeling from a life-changing disease diagnosis can be a complex, emotional, and winding journey. Especially for patients with injuries and elderly patients who had bone diseases and underwent orthopedic surgeries, the road to recovery often becomes bumpy or filled with […]

Mary Tucker: A Marvel in the Medical Entrepreneurship Landscape

Mary Tucker

Mary Tucker, CEO, Upic Health, LLC Entrepreneurs who bring transformative innovations and ideas to the table can solve the pressing needs of the healthcare sector. Not only have they brought new advancements to the sector but have also improved the accessibility and affordability of healthcare solutions and technology. One such exemplary entrepreneur that has been […]

Njide Okonjo-Udochi: An Accomplished Leader Changing the Landscape of the Healthcare Industry

Njide Okonjo-Udochi

Njide Okonjo-Udochi, Founder & President, Summit Medical Group Today, women comprise the majority of the healthcare industry. With their tremendous decision-making skills and intact determination, women leaders are considered a linchpin in the healthcare industry. One such exemplary women entrepreneur who has leveraged her experience in developing and transforming the healthcare industry with innovative strategies […]