The Effects of Exercise on Brain Health

Exercise and the brain facts

For any newcomers, all of you should know that we have stressed on the importance of exercise several times in the past. And this opinion does not change with this article either. The benefits of a good workout regimen is unparalleled. Not only does it improve the physical aspect of our bodies but recent studies […]

Are Sugar Alternatives Healthy?

Are Sugar Alternatives Healthy?

Who doesn’t enjoy sweet treats? The huge surges in dopamine experienced when consuming sugary food items is addictive enough to get anyone hooked on them. But, apart from the immensely satisfying taste of such consumables, the reality of the matter is that they are not very beneficial in terms of health for the human body. […]

Does Diet Affect Sperm Potency?

Does Diet Affect Sperm Potency

As we have discussed a countless number of times, the role of one’s diet is quintessential for the holistic health of one’s body. But what does the word holistic in this context exactly account for? All of us know that it can improve general health, help lose weight etc., but would anyone have imagined that […]

Intermittent Fasting: The Key to Holistic Health

The Key to Holistic Health

As we all know, diet plays an important role towards maintaining and/or improving an individual’s health. And the number of dieting options one could adopt to better their health is also plenty. So which diet scheme is the best one to follow? Well, this could depend on a lot of factors, the height and weight […]

High Intensity Interval Training: 60HIIT vs 30HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training

It is a known fact that maintaining physical fitness is key to the overall health of any individual. And to maintain physical fitness, all of us know that exercise is one of the two quintessential requirements. As we’ve discussed in previous articles, there are several ways through which one can condition their body through exercise. […]

Is the Ketogenic Diet the Ultimate Alzheimer’s Inhibitor?

Is the Ketogenic Diet the Ultimate Alzheimers Inhibitor

Alzheimer’s has been one of the most prevalent forms of dementia and has been increasing in numbers especially amongst the older generations. People who have been affected by this condition experience a range of different mental shortcomings such as frequent memory loss, cognitive impairment etc. Since Alzheimer’s takes such a big toll on a person’s […]

Is a Poor Diet the Root Cause for Sleeplessness?


Research has shown that almost 50 % of all adult humans experience insomnia related sleep disorders at some point in their lives. This is an alarmingly high number given how essential sleep is for our body’s functioning. But luckily, in most cases, insomnia is a fixable condition as it is mostly just caused by poor […]